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Music leaves marks, and Shrammaka Recordings really believed in its own slogan since that 12 January 2012: so now we’re all full of scars, because emotions from the tunes the netlabel pushed will always be inside of us. But the “white scar” pursued another mission too, for more than 9 years: it casted artists, and some of them are still there, producing and rocking the best they can!
But unfortunately now it’s time to close the project. I’m honest, some reasons could be found in real life, or in netlabels scene evolution of these last years… but in this last post I prefer only to mention the cool emotions Shrammaka Recordings gave us, because this is what my wonderful creature deserves.
Personally, I will go on loving and creating music for the rest of my life, even if this netlabel will no longer push sound. If you appreciate the music I did or published via Shrammaka Recordings, you can go on following me, for example on SoundCloud (
In any case, all Shrammaka’s music of these years will still be freely downloadable on this blog!
Music leaves marks, and so will be forever, regardless of where the future takes us all.


Shrammaka Recordings informs you that from 11 January 2021 the only URL of this blog will be, since the domain will cease to exist.

Antelikteram is proud to announce the opening of the official YouTube channel of Shrammaka Recordings: there you will find tracks from netlabel’s most downloaded releases.

Hi mates! I’m glad to inform you that “pause mode” is ended: Shrammaka Recordings is again able to evaluate stuff will be sent by artists. Stay tuned for new releases.


Perhaps you noticed yet Shrammaka Recordings hasn’t released something new since December 2017: yeah, unfortunately the netlabel is in a sort of “pause mode”. That’s because I’m working (you know, I should eat!) a lot in this first part of 2018, and surely it will be at least till July. For this reason, I think it’s more correct to inform you that during this period I’ll not be able to evaluate stuff will be sent by artists as proposals for releases. At the right moment, I’ll post something on this website to let you know “pause mode” is ended. I’ve always received fantastic tunes and I hope it will be the same in the future.
In the meanwhile, you can keep on downloading previous publications at these pages of netlabel’s website:


Stay tuned, mates!


Shrammaka Recordings is pleased to announce you that the refoundation is completed. OK, but you could say: “Why this refoundation?” Because it has become important for Antelikteram (owner of the label and only one to manage it) to make easier the work behind every release, in order to ensure that the netlabel, despite the changes in real life, remains active and free for all. And also for the same reasons some other ideas have been discarded… and some others could be introduced in the future.

Anyway, this is the list of the innovations the refoundation brings:


Maybe you noticed that on this website there are now two pages for the releases: “releases from 2015” (for releases with the new catalog numbering system) and “releases before 2015” (for those before refoundation).

Stay tuned: Shrammaka Recordings will release the new stuff in 2015.

One last thing: music leaves marks.

First step to refoundation: Shrammaka Recordings’s stream on SoundCloud. Now you can follow the netlabel there too and be aware of all upcoming releases.

Antelikteram is preparing a last great release on Shrammaka Recordings for 2014. Yeah, because in 2015 the netlabel will be “refounded”. So stay tuned, because this sort of refoundation will bring interesting news.
Shrammaka Recordings is a fantastic hobby for Antelikteram… but just a hobby, and you know that the time in a life is not always enough to do, also for hobbies, everything quickly in the best way. Antelikteram wants to respect the deadline written before in the best way and so, in order to do it, from today till the end of the refoundation received demos will not be evaluated to be released.

Shrammaka Recordings? What’s the meaning of the name “Shrammaka”? Disciples, it’s time for you to know that the Italian founder Antelikteram created this term by merging the Russian word “shram”, that we can translate as “scar” or “mark”, and the word “maka”, that stands for “maker” in some kind of American slang. Now the meaning of netlabel’s name is clear: scar maker! That’s why its slogan is “music leaves marks” (because great music can do it!) and also why its symbol is a scar! Anyway… don’t reveal it to anyone: it’s a secret.

SHRM021 is last 2013 release on Shrammaka Recordings… but stay tuned! Our sound will come back in 2014!
Here is the chronological order of Shrammaka Recordings’ releases with numbers of downloads so far (it’s a merge of numbers from Sonicsquirrel and Internet Archive):

SHRM001 — Antelikteram — “Tests” :: 738 downloads
SHRM002 — Xenodrome — “Call From Limbo EP” :: 833 downloads
SHRM003 — Antelikteram — “Terraformed Mysteries” :: 826 downloads
SHRM004 — Antelikteram — “Music 4 Runners EP” :: 1285 downloads
SHRM005 — Subbase — “Rest In Piss EP” :: 1355 downloads
SHRM006 — Subbase vs Ohmega Sir — “Run – The Beauty & The Beat” :: 1194 downloads
SHRM007 — Antelikteram — “Weapon In Action” :: 791 downloads
SHRM008 — Volm — “Depot EP” :: 1215 downloads
SHRM009 — Damaged Reactor — “Mad Jedi EP” :: 719 downloads
SHRM010 — Subbase — “Man VS Machine – Man VS Evil” :: 773 downloads
SHRM011 — Brokenspud — “Alpha Base EP” :: 920 downloads
SHRM012 — Subbase And CBRN — “Nightmare EP” :: 687 downloads
SHRM001LP — various artists — “Marks” :: 3862 downloads
SHRM013 — Arik — “Kannibal Rithm EP” :: 647 downloads
SHRM014 — Mas&Delayer — “Adele RMX (Skyfall Tribute)” :: 1406 downloads
SHRM015 — Antelikteram — “Gorgonops” :: 640 downloads
SHRM016 — Antelikteram — “Frankfurt” :: 675 downloads
SHRM017 — Subbase — “Dropping Bombs EP” :: 473 downloads
SHRM018 — Radiator + Antelikteram — “Dark Side EP” :: 414 downloads
SHRM019 — Wighnetz — “Neural Kinesis” :: 590 downloads
SHRM020 — Damaged Reactor — “Colossus EP” :: 776 downloads
SHRM021 — Antelikteram — “Unoriginal EP” :: 737 downloads

Thanks to all for the support!